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Post details: PetroAlgae of Melbourne, FL at AFV 2009

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PetroAlgae of Melbourne, FL at AFV 2009

PetroAlgae, a Melbourne FL based LLC, took part in the April 20th AFV 2009 session 'Organic Matters: Florida Agriculture Fueling Biofuels Growth' at AFV 2009. Fred Tennant, VP of Business Development, gave a presentation [2MB PDF] on the work being performed at PetroAlgae, including their 20 acre site for algae production in Fellsmere FL. He pointed out that oil produced from the algae has a viscosity somewhere between soy and palm oils. Their business model is based around licensing a modular algae production system for growth, harvesting, and processing of algae into oil, feed, and other products. Their algae strains are patented, and have gone through 20-30 thousand breeding cycles. Other presentations at the session included coverage of Jatropha, which was described as being able to grow, but not prosper, here in Central Florida.

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