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Post details: Turnkey "Appleseed" Biodiesel processor for sale in Cocoa Beach FL


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Turnkey "Appleseed" Biodiesel processor for sale in Cocoa Beach FL


A local biodiesel homebrewer is upgrading his system and looking to unload his existing Appleseed processor. (We've seen (and envied) Dan's VW diesel rabbit pickup.)

Dan says:

This will be a turnkey operation with everything from a pump to pick up wvo, a kit to perform proper titration, a How to Handbook, and a phLip test kit to test fuel quality. Storage drums and initial start up catalyst and alcohol can also be provided. All anyone would need is WVO!

Pictures of the system, click for larger view:
Click for large view

Click for large view


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Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
System Sold!

Local Homebrewers should contact brevard biodiesel site administrator for local local homebrewing forum.
Permalink 03/01/07 @ 20:16

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