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Port Canaveral receives large biodiesel shipment

Florida Today reports that a 50,000 barrel shipment of biodiesel from Green Earth Fuels of Houston arrived recently. Green Earth Fuels reports soybeans and camelina (a non food source) as possible feedstocks for their product. At Seaport Canaveral, blends of B5 to B20 will eventually be used in cruise ships.

No word yet if any retail pumps will be available for users in North Brevard to fill up...



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Methanol give-a-way

Scott G. has about 50 gallons of methanol in two drums, and a couple 15 gallon totes that he'd like to go to a good cause, such as making more biodiesel. He's in Chuluota, FL and could drop them off if you're in a convenient location.

Contact Scott at sgiacomi at, or 321-695-8612 if you're interested.


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GasHole documentary showing in Melbourne FL - Feb 3 2011

The documentary movie 'GasHole' will be shown during the First Thursday meeting of SCPA on February 3rd 2010 starting at 7pm in the Henegar Center in Historic Downtown Melbourne.

A new documentary film about the history of oil prices and the future of alternative fuels.

The film, narrated by Peter Gallagher, features interviews with a wide range of viewpoints from US Department of Energy Officials, Congressional leaders both Democrat and Republican, Alternative Fuel Producers, Alternative Fuel Consumers (such as actor Joshua Jackson), Professors of Economics and Psychology and more...

Directed by Jeremy Wagener & Scott D. Roberts, the film takes a wide, yet detailed examination of our dependence on foreign supplies of Oil.

What are the causes that led from America turning from a leading exporter of oil to the world's largest importer? What are the economic and sociological forces that have contributed to that change and impede its solution?

The film examines many different potential solutions to our oil dependence. Starting with claims of buried technology that dramatically improves gas mileage, to navigating bureaucratic governmental roadblocks, to evaluating different alternative fuels that are technologically available now, to questioning the American Consumer's reluctance to embrace alternatives.

If you buy gas, you should see this movie!



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Filtered Oil for sale - Vero Beach FL

Brian in Vero Beach has some oil for sale - contact him with any questions.
He describes it as "very nice oil (titrates under 2) and filtered to 1 micron"

Price: $300 per 275 gal. tote + $100 deposit on the tote.
Brian: 772 559 2151



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"Gas from Garbage" - Biofuel talk by Dr. Ann Wilkie

As part of its "Noted Environmentalists Lecture Series", the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) in Vero Beach Florida, along with the Indian River Land Trust, is presenting a talk on Wednesday, January 21 from 6:30 until 8 pm about Biofuels called "Getting Gas From Garbage".

Dr. Ann C. Wilkie, the 2007 winner of the 2008 Florida Energy Achievement Award, will be presenting the information. Her current research project involves biodiesel production from algae. A quote from Dr. Wilkie: "Fossil fuel is fossil thinking."

Dr. Wilkie can be heard discussing waste energy production in these clips from "The Florida Environment" radio program:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The cost is $30 or $25 for ELC and IRLT members. Also provided are wine and organic snacks.
Address: 255 Live Oak Drive Vero Beach FL 32963

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