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In response to: Cape Canaveral user selling 2001 SVO Jetta

victor2008 [Member]
There is some actual good that will come out of the devastation of Hurricane Ike. This story from Greentech Media says Biofuels Power Corp. has announced plans to build a 4-megawatt power plant the will produce electricity from the woodchips and other debris from the storm: The Woodlands, Texas-based company, traded over the counter using the symbol “BFLS,” on Friday signed a preliminary agreement with a wood-waste storage operator, DSMC, and with a consulting firm, Texoga Technologies Corp., that will retrofit abandoned oil wells for carbon-dioxide storage. Biofuels Power and DSMC will each hold a 30 percent equity stake in the project, while Texoga will get 10 percent.
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In response to: WESH reports on UCF student biodiesel home-brewers

Guy in picture [Visitor]
There was a mistake in the reporting. The processor was actually built for UCF and they are going to make biodiesel to use in their vehicles. They will run 20% biodiesel in their vehicles.
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In response to: Notes from Microalgae -> Biofuel a "Great Green Hope" talk

P [Visitor]
And a raceway is?
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In response to: Local girls take 1st with biofuel science fair work

Grammy [Visitor]
I just read the blog with your science fair info. It made me so proud and I know somehow your Daddy knows and is so proud of you too. Congratulations Maggi and Lilli. I love you so much and was so glad to learn of your great accomplishments. Love always, Grammy
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In response to: Girl Mark bringing Biodiesel classes to Central Florida

Lowell Hartman [Visitor]
I want to take this biodiesel class if it is not too late. Please send me an e-mail!
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In response to: Biodiesel equipment and supplies for sale in Deland FL

joe [Visitor]
hi id love to talk to you and purchase your equiptment.
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In response to: Melbourne startup Florida Syngas LLC turns glycerol into electricity

Paula [Visitor]
Their website refers to the chemical description of glycerol. This is not technically the byproduct of biodiesel production. Wondering if they can take the "crude bottom" that is the unrefined result of biodiesel production (besides the wash water) and whether any traces of methanol/ethanol would be permissible?
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In response to: Co-op America Quartely guide to Alternative Fuels

Richard [Visitor]
cool biodiesel for sale 1983 300 TD Turbo Coupe Mercedes. Can be seen at white rabbit farms 37th Avenue Vero Beach. needs minor work but good solid car
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In response to: How Biodiesel can get Florida halfway to Crist's emissions reduction goals...

J Banks [Visitor]
While biodiesel is cleaner on an air pollutants basis than traditional diesel, that is not the case for what we are now using, ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). Your data is out of date. When you compare ULSD and biodiesel, there is not a benefit on the traditional air pollutants side.

On climate, you are stuck in the traditional assessment of biofuels through lifecycle GHG analysis. While one gallon of biodiesel might be better than petroleum based diesel, when we institute a policy to require large amounts of biodiesel, the market takes over and bad things can (and do) happen. The market sees a value to producing crops for feedstocks. Farmers either pull crops out of production and replace with a with a biofuel feedstock or dedicate crops that were going to food or feed towards biofuel feedstock. The grain market though is very in-elastic and something has to fill the voids that the farmers meeting the demand have created. This means that we have to get more out of the land we already have or create new crop land. While some increased efficiency is possible, land conversion is inevitable with large biofuel mandates. Lifecycle analyses do not take into account this land conversion. When you cut down trees or convert grasslands to croplands you release GHG's and you loose the lands ability to sequester GHG's in the future. If you factor this land conversion in, biofuels including biodiesel will likely be bad for the climate. If you want to see what can happen when you mandate biodiesel use, check out, a blog that looks at the impact the EU's biodiesel mandate is having around the world, especially in SE Asia.
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In response to: Cocoa Beach Biodiesel user selling 1/2 ton diesel pickup

Drew [Visitor]
Nice truck...I don't suppose you are moving up to the Northeast by any chance? I have been searching for a caddy for a while now and yours is sure tempting.
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In response to: Volkswagen searching for oldest/highest mileage diesel

VW Parts Blog [Visitor] ·
That's a good idea from VW. They must give credit to those oldest VW diesel user. Sounds fun! There are still volkswagen diesel parts available in the market so those types of vehicles are still used today.
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In response to: Turnkey "Appleseed" Biodiesel processor for sale in Cocoa Beach FL

Dan [Visitor]
System Sold!

Local Homebrewers should contact brevard biodiesel site administrator for local local homebrewing forum.
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In response to: Presentation on plug-in hybrids at FSEC (Cocoa FL)

Kayla [Visitor]
I'm happy to see an active user base for a product of palm oil. has me convinced that palm oil is the way to go as a healthier alternative... both for fuel and for cooking. :)
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In response to: Available restaurant WVO in Miami area

Bill [Visitor]
Let me know of the Miami area
Restaurant that wants to get rid
of its WVO.
I have equipment to pickup.

Thank you,

Bill D. in Miami.......
[email protected]

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In response to: What trouble looks like

Eric F [Visitor]
I talked to Jim from BioFuels about the gelling problems we have been having. He said that we are right the Palm Oil does gel sooner that the Soy. He was not using an adative last year when we were buying from him. He said we might try using kerosine, he said that is what they add to regular diesel for cold weather (10%).
He is now doing BioDiesel brokering over in Orlando.
Permalink 01/10/07 @ 21:38

In response to: What trouble looks like

Ms. Bells [Visitor]
The palm oil based fuel stock seems to be especially weather prone. I wish we could get our hands on some soy based stock to compare since we had zero trouble last winter.
Permalink 01/10/07 @ 19:44

In response to: Interactive Biodiesel station map updates

We added your RSS feed to our aggregator for the spacecoast.

It may help send traffic for you

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In response to: Cold snap bites local users of palm oil biodiesel...

Ian Esplin [Visitor] ·
Thanks for this, I am considering running biodiesel in a 2000 7.3L turbo diesel ford truck. Among other problems such as supply, now cold weather is on my con side. Just found your site. Great Job!.
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In response to: Florida Power & Light (FPL) Sunshine Energy Program

Eric [Visitor]
I joined recently. It took me a while because I thought I would put the money to better use on making my home more efficient, etc. But after reading "Plan B 2.0" I decided I had to make the extra effort.

Great book, I recommend it to all. I have a few extra copies if you are interested.
Permalink 10/13/06 @ 21:41

In response to: "Girl Mark" biodiesel class coming to Florida

natasha [Visitor] ·
I think it is good coming here. Many like them are welcomed.
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