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National Academy of Sciences says algae to fuel needs more work to be truly feasible

A 2012 report, 'Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels", from the National Academy of Sciences, states that scaling up algae based biofuel production using existing technologies could create 'unsustainable demands for energy, water, and nutrient resources.'

Not all is pessimistic though, as the report also targets specific areas needing Research & Development, including strain selection, and wastewater use.

Report brief.



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Sewage into Biodiesel

Green Car Congress covers results of Korean research into conversion of Sewage Sludge into Biodiesel:

Researchers develop new non-catalytic process for converting lipids from sewage sludge to biodiesel; high yield and economic production


  • Much higher yields than algal (algae) oil or any conventional feedstock, such as soybean oil
  • No catalyst necessary (KOH, NaOH)
  • High (> 98%) conversion rate
  • Flow process, so conversion happens in 1 minute or less
  • Low cost: 3 cents / liter or 11 cents / gallon

Original research paper here.



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10k gallon / day biodiesel production coming to Brevard?

Thor Renewable Energy, Inc is looking for tax abatements from Brevard County to help establish a corporate/R&D headquarters in Brevard County, Florida. Part of their plans include a commercial biodiesel production facility, employing 55 new engineering and plant operator personnel at an average wage of $48,838. The anticipated volume of the plant is 10,000 gallons of biodiesel per day - likely feedstock being biomass per this article at Florida Today. With the support of the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast (EDC), it would be somewhat surprising if this application for abatement is not approved by the County Commissioners.

The process used is likely a product of work from UCF chemistry professor Richard Blair. Using a ball mill to grind up the feedstock, his process does not require sulfuric acid and has no hazardous byproducts. The match between UCF and Thor was made via the Space Coast Energy Symposium.



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Waste Oil project in Quito Ecuador - Intelifuel

Intelifuel, out of Quito Ecuador, reuses drums and other parts to offer a waste oil collection service across the country. They even are getting the Ecuadorian armed forces to provide waste vegetable oil. See why they do what they do, and find out how you might be able to help:



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Green Oil Recyclers of Melbourne after used cooking oil

Florida Today Help columnist Dave Larimer discovers a Melbourne couple that have started Green Oil Recyclers and offer to pick up used cooking oil - presumably in the Brevard County FL area.

Scott and Lisa Stanley recently have started Green Oil Recyclers, a company that collects used cooking oil and sells it to larger firms to make biodiesel fuel and other products.

The good news is: they will accept small amounts of oil from consumers.

"Five gallons to a thousand gallons, quantities don't matter," Scott Stanley said.


He said he will pick up small portions of used oil from residences if homeowners call him at 321-403-1771.

He will not charge for the house call and at the same time, will not pay for the used oil.


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