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Methanol give-a-way

Scott G. has about 50 gallons of methanol in two drums, and a couple 15 gallon totes that he'd like to go to a good cause, such as making more biodiesel. He's in Chuluota, FL and could drop them off if you're in a convenient location.

Contact Scott at sgiacomi at, or 321-695-8612 if you're interested.


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Making Glycerin Soap from Biodiesel By-products

Interesting post by Terry McGleish over at about turning your left-over glycerine into bars of soap. Note the mention of "Be sure not to breathe the fumes." during the soap making. That's going to be because of the likely hood of leftover Methanol (or Ethanol) in the material. If you are considering doing this - look around for more details on why this happens, including:



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Waste Oil project in Quito Ecuador - Intelifuel

Intelifuel, out of Quito Ecuador, reuses drums and other parts to offer a waste oil collection service across the country. They even are getting the Ecuadorian armed forces to provide waste vegetable oil. See why they do what they do, and find out how you might be able to help:



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Green Oil Recyclers of Melbourne after used cooking oil

Florida Today Help columnist Dave Larimer discovers a Melbourne couple that have started Green Oil Recyclers and offer to pick up used cooking oil - presumably in the Brevard County FL area.

Scott and Lisa Stanley recently have started Green Oil Recyclers, a company that collects used cooking oil and sells it to larger firms to make biodiesel fuel and other products.

The good news is: they will accept small amounts of oil from consumers.

"Five gallons to a thousand gallons, quantities don't matter," Scott Stanley said.


He said he will pick up small portions of used oil from residences if homeowners call him at 321-403-1771.

He will not charge for the house call and at the same time, will not pay for the used oil.



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GasHole documentary showing in Melbourne FL - Feb 3 2011

The documentary movie 'GasHole' will be shown during the First Thursday meeting of SCPA on February 3rd 2010 starting at 7pm in the Henegar Center in Historic Downtown Melbourne.

A new documentary film about the history of oil prices and the future of alternative fuels.

The film, narrated by Peter Gallagher, features interviews with a wide range of viewpoints from US Department of Energy Officials, Congressional leaders both Democrat and Republican, Alternative Fuel Producers, Alternative Fuel Consumers (such as actor Joshua Jackson), Professors of Economics and Psychology and more...

Directed by Jeremy Wagener & Scott D. Roberts, the film takes a wide, yet detailed examination of our dependence on foreign supplies of Oil.

What are the causes that led from America turning from a leading exporter of oil to the world's largest importer? What are the economic and sociological forces that have contributed to that change and impede its solution?

The film examines many different potential solutions to our oil dependence. Starting with claims of buried technology that dramatically improves gas mileage, to navigating bureaucratic governmental roadblocks, to evaluating different alternative fuels that are technologically available now, to questioning the American Consumer's reluctance to embrace alternatives.

If you buy gas, you should see this movie!


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