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Post details: Melbourne startup Florida Syngas LLC turns glycerol into electricity


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Melbourne startup Florida Syngas LLC turns glycerol into electricity

A local Melbourne FL startup, Florida Syngas LLC, is covered in the October 2007 issue (4MB PDF) of Brevard Business News.

This company focuses on a distributed generation unit that converts the byproduct of biodiesel production, glycerol, into electricity. The process uses "Brute Force Physics" as described at the related Brevard Research Inc web site.

Co-founder John Sessa says in the article:

We’re capitalizing on a rising waste product created by the biodiesel industry. The biodiesel industry is starting to ramp up because America wants renewable energy. We are creating a clean, synthesis gas, which is a term loosely applied to any combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The product will be a "a 100–kilowatt unit, which comes in at $120,000 using the standard pricing model." and stand about 5 feet tall.

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Comment from: Paula [Visitor]
Their website refers to the chemical description of glycerol. This is not technically the byproduct of biodiesel production. Wondering if they can take the "crude bottom" that is the unrefined result of biodiesel production (besides the wash water) and whether any traces of methanol/ethanol would be permissible?
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