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Post details: Presentation on plug-in hybrids at FSEC (Cocoa FL)


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Presentation on plug-in hybrids at FSEC (Cocoa FL)

Sherry Boschert will be presenting a free slideshow talk on the subject of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the Florida Solar Energy Center located on the campus of Brevard Community College/University in Cocoa, FL on Sunday January 21st at 4pm.

Sherry is the author of Plug-In Hybrids, The Cars that will Recharge America. (Also available at, however purchases at the link benefit Plug In America - mentioned in Who Killed the Electric Car).

She is also co-founder and President of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association.

A member of the Florida Electric Auto Association will also be on hand to show a pure battery Toyota RAV4-EV vehicle.

We'll make sure to show up in a biodiesel vehicle :)

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Comment from: Kayla [Visitor]
I'm happy to see an active user base for a product of palm oil. has me convinced that palm oil is the way to go as a healthier alternative... both for fuel and for cooking. :)
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