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What trouble looks like

If you see this: Biodiesel gelling in your biodiesel, you know you're in trouble.

The picture is of a line in my refueling station that has partially gelled palm oil derived B99 biodiesel in it. The station is in an enclosed garage. Overnight, the outside temperature dropped to 47.7 degrees F. The garage temperature near the station dropped to 56.1 degrees F. The outside temperature at the time of the photo was 66.2 degrees F. The garage temperature at the time of the photo was 61.6 degrees F. The temperatures were collected using a $20 weather station.

Past experience says long enough time in warmer weather will re-melt the gel. This visual aid is the main reason a clear fuel line is in use. :)

(Article on our previous cold snap)

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Comment from: Ms. Bells [Visitor]
The palm oil based fuel stock seems to be especially weather prone. I wish we could get our hands on some soy based stock to compare since we had zero trouble last winter.
Permalink 01/10/07 @ 19:44
Comment from: Eric F [Visitor]
I talked to Jim from BioFuels about the gelling problems we have been having. He said that we are right the Palm Oil does gel sooner that the Soy. He was not using an adative last year when we were buying from him. He said we might try using kerosine, he said that is what they add to regular diesel for cold weather (10%).
He is now doing BioDiesel brokering over in Orlando.
Permalink 01/10/07 @ 21:38

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