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Archives for: May 2005


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BioDiesel in Florida Today today

Jim, from Brevard BioDiesel, is quoted in today's article on Hybrid and BioDiesel vehicles.



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President Bush's remarks about BioDiesel

President bush gave these remarks at Virginia BioDiesel today. Some good things - glad to see him putting a spotlight on BioDiesel. But continues to tout his so-called "Clean Skies" program, for example, which is a gift to energy companies (largest industrial component of CO2).

Of note in the remarks pertaining to BioDiesel.:

About half of newly registered passenger cars in Western Europe are now equipped with diesel engines. Yet in America, fewer than 1 percent of the cars on the road use diesel. According to the Department of Energy, if diesel vehicles made up 20 percent of our fleet in 15 years, we would save 350,000 barrels of oil a day. That's about a quarter of what we import every day from Venezuela.

I have proposed making owners of clean diesel vehicles eligible for the same tax credit as owners of hybrid vehicles.

Biodiesel can be used in any vehicle that runs on regular diesel, and delivers critical environmental and economic benefits.

every time we use home-grown biodiesel, we support American farmers, not foreign oil producers.

A recent study by Oak Ridge National Laboratory projected that biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, could provide about a fifth of America's transportation fuel within 25 years.



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"Open-Source" homebrew reactor in Home Power

The June/July issue of HomePower magazine has an article by Maria Alovert (aka "Girl Mark") describing the Appleseed Reactor for producing BioDiesel. About 5 pages in length with pictures and a diagram. The solar cooker article in the magazine is also informative with respect to third world countries. See Solar Cookers International and the Solar Oven Society for more on that.



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Vid of Methanol/Ethanol etc. experiment on Leno

Here is a little writeup along with 10MB Divx video of an experiment shown last night on the Tonight Show what compared three types of alcohol including Methanol and Ethanol (which can be used in BioDiesel production) undergoing ignition in plastic "whoosh" bottles.



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Bill Maher say BioDiesel is "Bio-Delicious"

My favourite quote from this blog post by Bill Maher on BioDiesel:
"Joining Bush on the biodiesel bandwagon is a man who’s successfully tested some of the world’s most powerful substances: Mr. Willie Nelson."


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