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Next group Biodiesel order in Brevard area...

If you are interested in getting in on a group biodiesel order for the Brevard County area in the next two weeks, Contact Us to let us know how much you would like.

Jim Robertson of BioFuels America is able to bring up to 900 gallons now. He would like a minimum order of 15 drums = 825 gallons. The cost will be around $3-$3.25/gallon This is soy based B95 (95% biodiesel) product. Delivery would be to your residence/business and coordinated with us for delivery on the same day.

Let me know how much you would take delivery of if interested
and I will see if we have enough for the order.



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Viscosity of biodiesel fuel

We've put together a chart to try and show many of the different viscosity values related to use of biodiesel as a fuel. The idea is to show the overlap and relation among various biodiesel specifications and several biodiesel feedstocks.
Click for report....



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ScanGauge on Stage

(This is a follow-up review to our first look at the ScanGauge)
Before leaving for the Elsbett Workshop, I stopped by Jay's place to borrow his Jetta Maintenance Manual, and he asked if I would like to borrow his new ScanGauge also. Sure! Sounds like a good chance to gather some fuel economy statistics.

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