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2 used 55 gallon drums, free to good home (Rockledge FL)

Ed from Rockledge has 2 55 gallon metal drums that are free to whoever would like them. Contact him via email at: Esarog at Yahoo dot Com



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Burning Man meets Biodiesel

Dr. Friendly and the Chlorophyll Collective are part of an awareness of biodiesel at Burning Man 2007 - The Green Man held Aug 27 - Sep 3 in Black Rock Desert. Daniel Terdiman reports for CNET that:

... touted a project called the Single Cell Solution (PDF) by an artist known as Dr. Friendly. This is designed to take exhaust from generators and feed it through a bed of algae, which eats the carbon dioxide, secretes an oil, and produces biodiesel that is then fed back into the generators.

As part of this project, Burning Man is switching its fuel supply for the hundreds of generators necessary to power various projects from diesel fuel to biodiesel from french-fry cookers in Reno.

The project proposal (PDF) includes the mention of 200 6ftx5in acrylic tubes for algea and 200 LEDs (presumably for the "at night strobing LEDs will capture the shifting shapes of the bubbles" effect).

And how can you not want to see this: "Chihuly-esque clusters of clear tubing full of algae further processing exhaust will hang like tendrils along the way, along with informational plaques and LED-bar carbon dioxide meters showing the greenhouse gas content of the exhaust before and after passing through the algae."

Save me a seat at the Algae Bar in the "giant living mandala" of the Green Genesis Dome!

G E E K N E S S meets A R T meets S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y

Algae tubesRendering


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