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Cocoa FL area home-brewer accepting used turkey/turducken fryer oil

Looking for a way to dispose of your used Thanksgiving turkey/turducken oil other than the landfill? Near the Cocoa, FL area? A biodiesel homebrewer there can turn that oil in to biodiesel fuel. Use the "Contact Us" link above for more information.


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Girl Mark bringing Biodiesel classes to Central Florida

Girl Mark is bringing her renowned biodiesel classes to Brooksville FL (about 1.5 hours west of Orlando, 1 hour north of Tampa) on January 26-28 2008. You can read her description in this message. More on the Appleseed processor you can build. Detailed information from a post about a recent class in Mississippi.

From my point of view, the highlights of the weekend Essentials class are these extras:

I will have an Amberlite column, an improved Appleseed with a venturi-based methoxide addition and possibly an eductor, static mixers, hydronic heating system, and some other equipment changes in place on the processor by then. We'll discuss some cheaper alternatives to some of this new equipment, and process alternatives that compensate. We'll use my motorized methoxide mixer for the large-scale batch. Tour a variac-based methanol recovery system, discuss vacuum pumps, discuss other methanol recovery and dewatering oil alternatives, see a Turk Burner in action and discuss what to do with it to use it safely, and more. We'll even run a lab batch of acid-base biodiesel and discuss how to apply it to an Appleseed.

She is being hosted by Michael who has started a Florida Biodiesel Yahoo group.

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