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Talk biodiesel with us at Goby Fest 2008 - April 5, Sebastian FL

Brevard Biodiesel will be taking part in the 4th annual "Goby Fest" presented by the non-profit Coastal Preserves Alliance.
The event takes place at the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park on Saturday April 5th 2008 from 10am til 4pm. This nature festival raises funds to support local state parks and aquatic preserves. Highlights include various kayak/boat/wagon/walking tours, blacksmith demonstrations and a herpetological display. Food and craft vendors will be present along with other exhibitors. Admission is free with a nominal charge for tours.

This 22,000+ acre preserve is the largest upland public property in the Indian River/South Brevard counties region. There are many opportunities for wildlife viewing in the area including chances to spot nesting bald eagles, kestrels, shrikes, and many other feathered visitors - earning their spot on the Florida Birding Trail.

We'll be there to share information about biodiesel - have fun!




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Algae -> Biofuel talk at Florida Institute of Technology

We've heard word of a talk on "BIOFUEL: FROM LABORATORY TO PILOT PLANT" about "Microalgae Mass Culture for Biofuel Production" from Joe Wiessman, Ph.D., President of Seag, Inc. presented Wednesday April 2nd at Olin Engineering Auditorium room 118 from 4-5pm. This is on the FIT campus, Melbourne FL.

The seminar is part of a weekly series put on by the FIT Department of Marine and Environmental Systems.



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New Brevard Rep. Sasso introduces Biodiesel friendly bill

Newly elected Florida District 32 Representative Tony Sasso, of Cocoa Beach, has introduced HB 1519 "Fuel-efficient Vehicles" which states in part:

Any new motor vehicle purchased after January 1, 2009, by a state agency, state university, or local government through any state purchasing plan must be a hybrid, flex-fuel, or biodiesel vehicle if the type of vehicle being purchased is available with such propulsion system and otherwise meets the requirements for the vehicle's intended use.

The bill also amends the state sales tax (212.08) statute to exempt alternative fueled vehicles having at least 25 mpg:

Also exempt from the tax imposed by this chapter are sales or leases of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, or vehicles powered by other alternative fuels, and having at least a 25-miles-per-gallon combined city and highway mileage rating. The exemption shall inure at the time of sale or lease to any entity meeting the requirements of this subsection but may not exceed $1,500.

It is not obvious that "other alternative fuels" covers biodiesel blends, but that does seem to be the intention.



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Biodiesel road rally - Key Largo to Key West - March 22

Florida Keys GLEE (Green Living and Energy Education) is putting on a biodiesel powered rally to "gain wider awareness and acceptance of alternative fuels in existing diesel engines." Saturday March 22nd, the rally will leave Key Largo and make their way through 5 stops in the keys, ending at Key West High school with a tour and fish fry.
The date has also been chosen because of Rudolph Diesel's 150th birthday. If you are interested in participating or organizing use the Contact link here.


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