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MAKE: Homebrew a batch of Biodiesel

Kip Kay at MAKE Magazine's Weekend Project walks through the steps of making one litre of biodiesel from vegetable oil. He includes a water wash/dry step at the end. Note that you need the yellow Iso-HEET bottle, which is methanol, and *not* the red Iso-HEET bottle.
The original MAKE Magazine article, in PDF format, is still available.


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Obama in Brevard - Biodiesel from Algae

Today in a Town Hall stop at BCC's Titusville Gymnatorium, Barack Obama made several references to biodiesel.
In response to a question about the planet's oceans - he said:

"It may be that there are ways that we can actually cultivate our oceans, that help to give us answers to issues like energy - for example algae, it turns out, might be a very good source of us creating biodiesel. And there is a lot of research taking place right now. This is the kind of committment to science that we have to have here in the United States."

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