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Short PetroAlgae video news from Florida Today newspaper


Fred Tennant, VP of PetroAlgae is interviewed at their 20 acre Fellsmere FL algae growing location by Florida Today newspaper. He lists the benefits of their location in Brevard County as perfect weather, an excellent commercial environment due to the pool of local talent, and the use of Kennedy Space Center labs where worldwide algae growing conditions are simulated.


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From cup to car - coffee grounds used to make biodiesel

Waste Coffee Grounds (WCG), from the 16 billion pounds of coffee produced each year, can be used to put a small dent in the worlds fuel needs. Scientists estimate that dent at a size of 340 million gallons. The fuel smells like coffee, and is high in anti-oxidants - which increases storage life. We'll try to get more details on the process they used to separate the oil from the used grounds.


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Tidbits in the news - glycerin powered diesel generators, FFA removal

The latest Biodiesel Magazine news notes:

Slightly altering off-the-shelf diesel generators to operate on a "McNeil" cycle allows the engine to run on crude glycerine. The announcement comes from Aquafuel Research Limited and partner Greenergy both out of the UK.

* * *

A new product, "Quik ‘n’ Free", can be added to waste vegetable oil (WVO) prior to conversion into biodiesel to help remove free fatty acids (FFAs). Quik ‘n’ Free bonds with the acids to make filterable (200 micron) sized particles. This proprietary alkaline compound is being sold by Coorga International Trading Ltd out of Canada.

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