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Post details: Earth Week round up - part I: EarthFest, Energy Future


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Earth Week round up - part I: EarthFest, Energy Future

The week of Earth Day is a busy one for alternative energy topics - so we'll take a few posts here to cover items of interest.

EarthFest at FSEC
EarthFest at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa FL featured several exhibits dealing with alternative energy. There were electric bicycles to examine and take for a trial ride, a Florida Renewable Energy Associaion (FREA) table, Florida EcoSafari information, a Solar cooker, SunOven a Brevard EELS booth, Healthy Planet of Brevard, and
Alive and Healthy Eatery in Merritt Island had tremendous vegetarian fixings with hibiscus sangria to top things off.

On Sunday, Jay from Brevard Biodiesel presented a talk on "The Future of Energy". You can see the slides from that presentation in this 6MB PDF file from our Educational Information section.

In upcoming posts we'll cover the Alternative Fuel & Vehicle conference held in Orlando this week - specifically with regard to algae based biodiesel from Melbourne's own PetroAlgae and also a new topic: "renewable diesel".

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