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SCPA photo and information

BrevardBioDiesel at SCPA 2005Here is a pic of our table at the SCPA 2005 celebration.
We handed out this brochure with information culled from various places all about biodiesel. (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader).
Thanks for all the interest! Those of you that signed up, we'll get an email out shortly.



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Come see us in Cocoa FL

Brevard BioDiesel will be at a table as part of the 1st Annual Progressive Celebration put on by the Space Coast Progressive Alliance. We'll have some handouts with biodiesel information, a biodiesel fueled vehicle or two, and be happy to discuss biodiesel options with any and all. See you on Sunday January 23rd at F. Burton Smith Regional Park!



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Willie is the man

This article at MSNBC touts Willie Nelson's BioDiesel efforts including a new truck stop serving up biodiesel.
Willies Biodiesel company web site is here, and it has lots of good information!


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Emissions, an oddity

A strange thing somethings happens on the weekends in the LA area - the smog/ozone levels get *worse* than on the weekdays (when more truck traffic occurs). See this story for some details. It seems to be that NOx emissions can react to *reduce* ozone. The reduced amount of NOx on weekends, due to less diesel trucking, lowers the amount of NOx available to convert ozone into elemental oxygen and nitrogen.

Regarding emissions, here is a paper on various reduction techniques that combat particulate matter and NOx. I noted this statement: "Volkswagen has reported NOX reductions of 71 percent on its diesel Passat car with the NOX adsorber catalyst."
Also noted is the problem that many of the reduction techniques require a low sulfur diesel fuel - BioDiesel to the rescue. :)

Here is the start of a new educational item on BioDiesel emissions.



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Odds & Ends

Here are some tidbits of note.

  1. We've added a new educational article on the different types of vegetable oil used to make BioDiesel. Check out the "cool" pictures. :)
  2. The US DOE has produced a *fantastic* 2004 updated version of their BioDiesel Handling and Use document. It is about 2MB in PDF format and available here.
  3. The National Biodiesel Board has some IRS memos online now regarding the Tax Incentive effective 1 January 2005.
  4. Maybe the Hydrogen economy is further away than some think? BioDiesel is here today!

That US DOE document is just super. For example, check out this graph extracted from page 32. It shows how the cold temperature variable "cloud point" varies as a function of biodiesel blend concentration for 7 different feedstocks including soy and canola.


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