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Brevard County student BioDiesel project

Local Edgewood Jr./Sr. High student Melissa Ingram has kindly allowed us to place her recent winning Biodiesel Research project paper online. You can find this information in our Educational section. Good luck to Melissa at the upcoming fairs in Orlando!


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Algae filter

This episode of Scientific American Frontiers on PBS mainly dealt with Hydrogen economy issues - one segment especially caught my attention. Many tubes of bubbling green algae were being used to filter smokestack emissions, specifically NOx and CO2. Every 24 hours the newly grown algae was removed from the tubes for drying (via power plant heat) into a powder. The company behind this idea is here. How could this apply to biodiesel?
- a source of algae which can be used to produce biodiesel?
- a way to filter NOx and CO2 from exhaust?


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Orlando area co-op

Just saw a post at BioDieselNow forums from Keith that mentions the formation of a new biodiesel co-op in the Orlando/Apopka central Florida area. Their website is Seems like a nice site with good information. Glad to see interest blooming in Florida!



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A Biodiesel logo/design, what do you think?

This is a design that I threw together. Thinking of getting it in vinyl for the car. Over a tie-dye shirt would be cool too - anyone know a place to get such a thing made up? Here is a link to a bigger higher quality version. I've also put a shirt with it on the front at CafePress.

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