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Oil from Algae Yahoo group

In Florida we tend to have algae "volunteering" in many locations - so maybe it is an ideal source especially around here...

See this Yahoo discussion group on getting Oil from Algae (which could then be converted to biodiesel).

For background see the Mike Briggs/UNH article.



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B20 + NOx reduction additive testing in Texas

B20 with three different additives, including GTAT Viscon will be some of the fuels tested to meet the TxLED (Texas Low Emission Diesel fuel) in the next several months. The blended fuels + additives must be tested to meet TxLED low emission standards. The additives such as GTAT Viscon function to reduce NOx and other emissions and as such are of interest to biodiesel users.
Two other additives (DTBP - di-tert-butyl peroxide and EHN - ethyl-hexyl nitrate) are discussed in this NREL report (PDF) which is worth looking at for NOx reduction discussion and raw emission data.



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Biodiesel in Gainesville

An article on the Alachua County Biofuels Co-Op from the Gainesville Sun.

"Members plan to build a mini-refinery to produce biodiesel on their own. They're in discussions to help Alachua County Public Works again use biodiesel in the county's vehicle fleet."

Way to go Alachua County! :)



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Nice pics and info from


CO2 cycle picture
BioDiesel pump picture (possibly only B5?)

Brand name for biodiesel in France: "Diester"

Biggest biodiesel producer outside Europe: Brazil



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"Betting My TDI on Elsbett"

A Brevard BioDiesel member describes his upcoming conversion below. (note:
an Elsbett one-tank system can run SVO, BD, or a mixture of both)

Elsbett is a German company with long experience in designing and modifying diesel engines to run on straight vegetable oil (SVO). They make the only single-tank SVO system available today. Originally, I didn't consider SVO because my driving is mostly short commutes--too short to use a dual-tank SVO system (start on diesel and switch to SVO after the engine is hot). But a few developments have changed my perspective:

1. I had planned to make my own biodiesel, but now that I've learned a lot about it, the methanol hazards make it a more serious venture than I care to start.

2. A pleased Prius driver for four years before switching to Jetta, I have followed the technology closely, and would be even more pleased to drive a plug-in diesel/electric hybrid, so I watch developments with interest.

3. Piedmont Biofuels in Pittsboro NC held an Elsbett conversion workshop where they converted two cars in 2004. I know the people there and have confidence in their abilities. With the single-tank system, short trips are OK, but if it helps, I'll even try adding plug-in heating units to make cold-starts work better. After all, if a plug-in hybrid is the ideal, a plug-in SVO is not so different in terms of convenience. The energy used to pre-heat the fuel system should still be much less than making biodiesel. And if it destroys my engine--oh well, it was for a good cause!

Here's a link to the Elsbett web site - unfortunately not very revealing.

Here's Eric Henry's web site, where he has posted info about the 2004 workshop at Piedmont Biofuels.

I talked at length with Eric a few weeks ago, and he remains very pleased with his Elsbett system. By the way, Eric is in the custom T-shirt business, and the way he runs his business is a superb model for any business person who cares about the environment! If you need a batch of T-shirts made, call him.

Piedmont Biofuels scheduled their second Elsbett conversion workshop for September 25, and I signed up. At last count, 14 owners will convert their cars under the direction of an Elsbett technician. The cost is $1000 plus expenses for the trip. I hope to post photos and descriptions soon.


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Diesel vehicle availability and statistics, background

A recent article in the LA Times was mentioned in a forum at the wonderful TDIClub site. Here are some highlights:

  • $3400 tax credit for diesel car buyers in the 2005 Energy Act. (I also note a 30% tax credit for installation of a B20 or greater refueling station.)
  • Chryslers CEO says if 20% of the US passenger car fleet were diesel we'd save 350,000 barrelts of crude each *day*.
  • VW sells more diesel cars in the U.S. than all of its competitors combined.
  • The diesel Passat is being phased out of the U.S. market next year because European demand is going to account for every model VW can make.
  • BMW reportedly has a small diesel SUV on tap
  • Diesel sales in the U.S. were up 33% in 2004 accounting for 3% of the passenger vehicle market - but over 90% of those sales were diesel powered pickups

Article text follows:

=> Read more!



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TDI shortage/demand?

Locally VW dealers report no TDI models on the lot. Also reports that this shortage extends across at least Florida and Georgia. The latest price quote for B95 we have received is $2.95 delivered.


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