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Archives for: September 2006


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Jacksonville making its own biodiesel

Thanks to a heads-up from GreenerMiami this story caught the attention of biodiesel users in Florida.

Jacksonville city government plans to start making its own fuel for its fire trucks, garbage trucks and other vehicles in the next couple of months

The city could save about $150,000 a year by making about 2,000 gallons a week



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Biodiesel powered boat tours the world

A report is available at MSNBC about the biodiesel powered Earthrace speedboat. The 78 foot boat holds 2500 gallons of B100 and can travel over 3000 miles on a tank at speeds up to 45 knots.
Video blogs are available at the Earthrace website.

The "100% Biodiesel" Maori graphic on the back of their t-shirts is pretty awesome looking!T-Shirt



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Report from Farm to Fuel Summit in Florida

Scott Davies posted a report on the recently held Farm to Fuel Summit to the North Florida Biofuels Network. He says:

Overall, I give this first FTF a C- for Florida

The summit was also noted in the Orlando Sentinel here.


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