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Part III of Brevard Biodiesel's article at greenerMIAMI

The concluding part of our biodiesel post for greenerMIAMI features a Question & Answer section.



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See and talk with Brevard Biodiesel Saturday July 29th Merritt Island FL

Brevard Biodiesel will have a table at the SpaceCoast Progressive Alliance (SCPA) Progressive Fest on Saturday July 29th at Kiwanis Island Park in Merritt Island FL from 5pm-8pm.

Come on out to see biodiesel cars and chat with us about biodiesel!



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Grants, Tax Incentives and Rebates Available under Florida Energy Act

of note:

  • workshop in Orlando on Friday July 21st 10:00 A.M.
    Location: Herndon Library, Room #2, 4324 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803.
  • $4/watt Photovoltaic solar rebate money
  • grant program for bioenergy

from announcement:

...[N]ew funding opportunities under the Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act which was signed into law last month.

With respect to renewable energy technologies, the Act creates two grant programs (totaling $15M in funds) along with corporate income tax credits, sales tax refunds, and a solar rebate program. (There is also an Energy Star sales tax holiday scheduled for early October.) Proposed guidance and applications forms can be found online at:

The Department is hosting two public workshops this week (July 19 & 21) to provide a general description of the new programs and allow for public comment. If you are unable to attend, you can submit comments via email or by mail. Visit the website for more details.

Applications for the two grant programs may be due as early as August 31, 2006, so the clock has started. Good luck!

- Michael
Michael Ohlsen, Project Manager
Energy Efficiency & Biomass Programs
Florida Energy Office
Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS-19
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
(850) 245-8279 / (850) 412-0523 fax



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Co-op America writes about "The Benefits of Biodiesel"

Co-op America features an article The Benefits of Biodiesel in their latest issue of RealMoney.

A highlight:

Studies show that biodiesel outperforms gasoline, ethanol, and conventional diesel in reducing climate-altering carbon dioxide emissions and in overall fuel-efficiency


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