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Finding the juice - now 1000+ retail BioDiesel outlets in U.S.

Back in April, we posted a graph of the number of retail stations carrying biodiesel in the U.S. Continuing very close to the linear trend noted then - today on our interactive map of biodiesel locations there are now over 1000 stations listed.

Others have noted the difficulty in finding other alternative fuels.

Mr. Beck said he found the Springfield station only after doing some research, because the E-85 Web site run by the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition lists pumps only by city, with a limited mapping function that fails to show drivers their location in relation to each other.

Also of note are two recent Florida providers of biodiesel - Aztech Energy in Tampa and Glover Oil in Melbourne.



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"Girl Mark" biodiesel class coming to Florida

Girl Mark, the unofficial leader of grassroots open-source biodiesel, continues putting on classes in various parts of the country including one in Ft. Lauderdale area December 2-3.

She has been doing this since 2001 and is author of the book Biodiesel Homebrew Guide.

For an idea of what people think of the classes, see the third party reviews linked to here.


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AFV decal need in Florida for biodiesel? - No.

Recently, someone pointed out that a Florida Statute (206.877 to be precise) mentions the need for a special decal required for use of an Alternative Fueled Vehicle licensed in the State of Florida. They thought this might apply to biodiesel.

Seeking the answer, we sent the question off to the State of Florida. Their answer leads us to believe biodiesel users do not need this decal as biodiesel is a "diesel fuel" in Florida, and not an "alternative fuel". So the road tax we pay for our biodiesel already covers us.

Section 206.877, Florida Statutes, contains the manner under which alternative fuels are taxed in Florida. By definition, alternative fuels include liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, butane gas, propane gas, or any other form of liquefied petroleum gas. Though the Internal Revenue Service defines biodiesel as an alternative fuel, Florida fuel tax defines biodiesel, in s. 206.86(1), F.S., as "diesel fuel." Under this taxing scheme, biodiesel is taxed in the same manner as diesel fuel under s. 206.87(1), F.S.

We note that that "[email] communications are not binding on the Department" - so as with anything of this ilk, contact your own legal advisors for their version of the truth.

You can read the statutes mentioned above here.

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