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1986 Mercedes 190D Biodiesel-updated for sale locally (Cocoa FL)

A Cocoa FL biodiesel user is selling a white 1986 190D "Rare" diesel that has already had the fuel lines updated with Viton material (which is biodiesel resistant vs. the original natural rubber material).

He notes the good and bad items for this vehicle as:

  • White 1986 190D "Rare" diesel
  • Great engine, transmission, and body (looks great!)
  • Viton hose fuel lines: biodiesel-ready
  • Relatively new fuel injection pump
  • New tires, struts, shocks, etc. (Runs great!)
  • Interior leather in great shape
  • Cold A/C
  • Recent transmission service done
  • Clean engine compartment without leaks anywhere
  • Over 30mpg


  • Unknown miles (broken odometer). Estimate less than 200K miles
  • Cracked, but working windshield
  • Some of the plastic pieces in the dash and under seats are broken
  • Cruise control broken
  • Broken radio antenna

Asking price is $3000 firm. Contact Seller.

Pictures Here



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Presentation on plug-in hybrids at FSEC (Cocoa FL)

Sherry Boschert will be presenting a free slideshow talk on the subject of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the Florida Solar Energy Center located on the campus of Brevard Community College/University in Cocoa, FL on Sunday January 21st at 4pm.

Sherry is the author of Plug-In Hybrids, The Cars that will Recharge America. (Also available at, however purchases at the link benefit Plug In America - mentioned in Who Killed the Electric Car).

She is also co-founder and President of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association.

A member of the Florida Electric Auto Association will also be on hand to show a pure battery Toyota RAV4-EV vehicle.

We'll make sure to show up in a biodiesel vehicle :)


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What trouble looks like

If you see this: Biodiesel gelling in your biodiesel, you know you're in trouble.

The picture is of a line in my refueling station that has partially gelled palm oil derived B99 biodiesel in it. The station is in an enclosed garage. Overnight, the outside temperature dropped to 47.7 degrees F. The garage temperature near the station dropped to 56.1 degrees F. The outside temperature at the time of the photo was 66.2 degrees F. The garage temperature at the time of the photo was 61.6 degrees F. The temperatures were collected using a $20 weather station.

Past experience says long enough time in warmer weather will re-melt the gel. This visual aid is the main reason a clear fuel line is in use. :)

(Article on our previous cold snap)


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Available restaurant WVO in Miami area

A restaurant in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area goes through 2 15lb. containers of waste fryer oil per week and is looking to move it out thru a biodiesel user. If you are interested contact us (using the link at the top of the page) and we'll get you in touch with the restauranteur.

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