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Archives for: June 2008


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Newly approved biodiesel specs bode well for users

The ASTM organization has approved new and updated standards for biodiesel that should widen the reach of this alternative fuel.

The conventional petro-diesel specification (ASTM D975) has been updated to support up to 5% biodiesel blend. This means many regular diesel pumps across the nation could start carry up to B5.

A new specification covering B6-B20 should allow automakers to more easily approve use of these blends in their cars and trucks. The press release states "Several more companies are expected to raise their approvals to B20 now that the final ASTM specifications for B6-B20 blends have been approved."



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Biodiesel powered boat Earthrace on track for World Record

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Still ahead of world record pace, the biodiesel powered boat "Earthrace" is over 18,000 nautical miles along its route back to Sagunto (Spain) from where this, their second attempt, was initiated on 27 April. A recent rapid 80-minute refueling stop in India was the next to last port the boat will visit. Next up is their 12th stop at Port Said along the Suez Canal.
Nautical Mile sponsorships are still available if you would like to help with the pecuniary power part of their mission.

(Our previous entries on Earthrace.)


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