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Post details: EarthRace coming to Florida (Miami)

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EarthRace coming to Florida (Miami)

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The biodiesel powered boat "EarthRace" arrives in Florida this week prior to its attempt to set a world record for circumnavigation of the earth. EarthRace will be at the Miami Boat Show Feb 15th-19th. Having just visited EarthRace while it was docked in Charleston SC, I can vouch for the stunning appearance of the vessel. From the Maori inspired designs covering the futuristic curved hull, to the high tech cockpit, and including the Lord-of-the-Rings audio-book I noted stashed inside - this Kiwi skippered trimaran is definitely Click for large view worth a visit!

EarthRace docked in Charleston with the Ravenel bridge in the background:
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Feb 17 Update:
Greener Miami reports that EarthRace will be located at
Sea Isle Marina and Yachting Center.

Our September 2006 entry on EarthRace.


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