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Post details: Earthrace in San Diego, tragedy off Guatemala

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Earthrace in San Diego, tragedy off Guatemala

Earthrace, the biodiesel powered trimaran in the midst of a record breaking circumnavigation attempt, is in San Diego (track) at the moment. Biodiesel fuel there is sponsered by Imperium Renewables.

On March 18th, Earthrace was involved in a collision with a local fishing boat off the coast of Guatemala. One fisherman was killed, and two hurt with one requiring surgery after life saving treatment on board Earthrace (using supplies from an earlier stop in Charleston SC). The crew was allowed to leave after a 10-day say in Guatemala with a judge ruling the collision was an accident.

The Ground Crew blog and Captain's blog document their thoughts and actions during this turbulent time, and capture the grace of the Guatemalan people and their colonial city Antigua. Video blog of collision aftermath.
Our best wishes to those involved on both vessels, and their family members. Examples of the words from Captain Bethune:

"These people are poor, but there’s also a great sense of community and family spirit amongst them."

"There’s a couple of other things I’m learning about the people here. Firstly, they are incredibly happy. It doesn’t matter who you meet here or what they are doing, they will always have a smile on their face. And secondly, they are extremely courteous. While at the Navy base I was always impressed at how polite everyone was, but I’d assumed it was part of the military discipline. It seems this politeness carries on all over the place."

Sail on Earthrace, Sail on “Pajarito”.

Our February 2007 post about Earthrace
Our September 2006 post about Earthrace


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