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Vegetable oil market under pressure, SBS around the corner.

From NYTimesThe New York Times has an in-depth report on the world vegetable oil market. Increased consumption from calorie driven consumers, increased demand from trans-fat banning markets, and increased use of oil feedstock are combining to drive up prices for vegetable oils and leading to ever more drastic consequences.
Despite the increased demand for oil, in the United States soybean acreage has *decreased* by 19 percent due to the demand for corn-based ethanol.
Increasing awareness of these issues have led to broader movements for sustainable biodiesel production methods. Right here in Central Florida, the 5th annual Sustainable Biodiesel Summit arrives on February 2nd and 3rd to "raise awareness of sustainability and to facilitate the adoption of sustainable practices in the biodiesel industry. Industry professionals meet to exchange best practices, brainstorm ideas, and support each other’s efforts to conduct successful businesses in an environmentally sustainable and socially just manner". See you there!
Update - Less in depth CNN story on similar topic

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