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Grant based Syngas LLC turning glycerol into power

Florida Today reports that Syngas LLC, based out of Grant FL, has signed a contract with Advent Power Systems to produce ten one-megawatt generators. The generators will be powered by "syngas" made from glycerol, a biodiesel production byproduct. We've covered Syngas before and co-founder John Sessa noted then that syngas is "a term loosely applied to any combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide".

The National Biodiesel Board reports that 250 million gallons of biodiesel were sold in the US - production of which led to 25 million gallons of glycerol. Glycerol is left over after the three chain triglycerides in vegetable oil are converted into single chain esters known as biodiesel. Production of 10 gallons of biodiesel results in about 1 gallon of glycerol byproduct. The rapid increase of biodiesel production has resulted in a glut on the glycerol market.


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